The Liturgical Composers Forum was founded in 1998 by Fr. John Foley SJ. We are a fellowship of published composers who write music for the American Catholic Church. Once a year, those available gather in St. Louis from far and near, for a few days of relaxation, reflection and the sharing of musical and intellectual gifts. From this gathering a small faith community of composers (along with many fruitful musical collaborations) has emerged over the years, with a shared vision and hope for the future of liturgical song.

The Liturgical Composer Forum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is based in St. Louis MO and is governed by a Board of Directors, and a Steering Committee elected from among the membership.

Our Mission Statement

The Liturgical Composers Forum is an association of composers of liturgical music and texts whose mission is the development of liturgical song. We do this through mutual support, prayer, study, mentoring, and discernment.

2018-19 Steering Committee

Carol Browning
Rory Cooney, Chair
Jaime Cortez
Christian Cosas
Feargal King
Tony Ward

Board of Directors

Betty Halley
Paul Hasser
John Foley, SJ