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Revised Statement from the Liturgical Composers Forum Leadership Regarding David Haas

September 17, 2021 (Revised from statement of 7/24/2020)

We, the leadership of the Liturgical Composers Forum, stand with the victims of the serial predatory behavior by former member David Haas.

We are committed to a survivor-centered response.

In July of 2020, we revoked Haas' membership of the Liturgical Composers Forum and returned his donations. That decision was permanent and will never be revisited.

We further resolve that:

  • Haas’ music will never be used in any Liturgical Composers Forum event.
  • We will support survivors through our music, our personal witness and our advocacy for a world that treats all people, especially women, with authentic respect, compassion, and care.
  • We will speak up for real institutional and cultural change in the Catholic Church, so that what has happened can never happen again.

We recognize that we will never be free of abuse in our families, our communities, our Church, and our world, until we all stand together to say: “Enough! No more!”

For our own part, as the volunteer leaders of a pastoral music organization for composers, we are truly sorry for any words, actions or omissions that have contributed to the perpetuation of abuse, and we ask for God's grace in moving forward. 

Although we recognize that our words will not take away the pain caused by the actions of predators like Haas, we call upon ourselves and our members to care for one another in our common humanity, to pray for a healing spirit, and to offer a willingness to listen to one another in love.

Steering Committee of the Liturgical Composers Forum

Jaime Cortez (chair)

Kathleen Basi

Carol Browning

Christian Cosas

Feargal King (ex officio)

Janรจt Sullivan Whitaker

Executive Board of the Liturgical Composers Forum

Paul Hasser

Carol Marie Hemish, SSND

Joseph Milner

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